How To Do A 30-Day Mental Health Challenge

How To Do A 30-Day Mental Health Challenge

Have you ever heard of someone dedicating 30 days to their mental health by planning a different activity for each day? All you need to do is commit to one task a day that brings you joy or gets you out of your comfort zone. These month-long challenges are all about focusing on self-care and finding ways to make physical and mental health a bigger part of your life. The goal is that you will feel calmer and happier at the end of the month.

Set yourself up for success by using these four guidelines if you are starting a mental health challenge:

  1. Don’t think it’s selfish. Taking good care of ourselves helps us have more energy for others.

  2. Choose a buddy. These challenges are more fun when you do them with a friend.

  3. If you miss a day, don’t give up. Even if you just complete half the days, that’s still an improvement from last month!

  4. Keep it up. Improving your wellbeing is an ongoing process, so maintain one or two habits that change your mood for the better.

The key to these challenges is to designate one task per day, so you’ll never feel too overwhelmed. Come up with your own ideas or use the calendar suggestions below to help get you started. By the time you reach day 30, you’ll feel like you’ve had a makeover for your mood.

  1. Do a deep breathing exercise.

  2. Catch up with a good friend.

  3. Schedule something to look forward to.

  4. Donate or recycle something you never use.

  5. Do 30 minutes of yoga (or another exercise).

  6. Plan a healthy meal.

  7. Ask for help with something.

  8. Listen to your favorite happy music.

  9. Take 20 minutes to read.

  10. Go for a walk at lunch.

  11. Spend time or money on something that makes you feel good about yourself.

  12. Practice a hobby.

  13. Watch a movie.

  14. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual.

  15. Drink just water today.

  16. Schedule a game night.

  17. Set a mini goal.

  18. Cross an item off your to-do list.

  19. Compliment someone.

  20. Plan a night in.

  21. Try a 5-minute meditation.

  22. Talk to a family member.

  23. Do something outside.

  24. List three things you like about yourself.

  25. Unfollow negative social media accounts.

  26. Say no to something.

  27. Have a phone-free night.

  28. Find something to laugh at.

  29. Write down something you are grateful for.

  30. Adopt a new habit.

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