Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

Happy International Cat Day! Studies have shown that having a cat can bring a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Owning a cat can help you cope more effectively with life’s daily stressors as well as positively influence your mental health.

 Here are 6 ways cats can help you when you are distressed and depressed:

  1. Cats offer unconditional love. An animal in your home can sense when you are feeling down and depressed. If you’re feeling lonely, your cat can help improve your mental health by making you an object of his/her unconditional love and affection by giving you extra nuzzling.

  2. Cats give you purpose and encourages you to move. Keeping your cat happy and healthy requires you to provide food, water, and affection. This motivates you to get out of bed and move, which keeps you from isolating yourself or wallowing in misery. Your kitty also loves to play so this encourages you to do physical activity, which offers many psychological benefits and helps fight against depression.

  3. Cats lift your spirits. Research reveals that petting or stroking your pet improves your mood. Even more therapeutic is the feeling and hearing of your cat purring.

  4. Cats offer support during difficult times. If you find it difficult to talk to others about your problems, it can be helpful to talk to your four-legged friend. Sometimes it helps to just air out your problems. Plus it helps to know that he/she won’t interrupt or act judgmental in return.

  5. Cats lower blood pressure and anxiety levels. The act of stroking your pet can reduce your level of stress-related hormones found in your blood stream. Lowering your blood pressure and heart rate can help you fight against the risks of a stroke and heart disease. The University of Minnesota scientists’ research revealed that owning a cat cuts stroke risks by a third!

  6. Cats help you sleep better. Sharing your bed with your pet can ease feelings of loneliness and anxiety, which can help you relax and drift off to sleep better.

Celebrate World Cat Day today by nuzzling up to your kitty knowing that your mental health is improving every moment you’re enjoying their love and affection.

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