Keep It Cool

Anger is a normal emotion, but it becomes unhealthy when it isn’t handled properly. Explosive anger can create serious problems. If the way anger is expressed is damaging relationships, impairing your judgement, or having a negative impact on the way people see you, it may be beneficial to learn some tips on anger management.

  • Think before you speak. In a moment of rage, its likely to say something you’ll regret. Take a moment to pause before you react.

  • Express your anger appropriately. Once you’re able to think clearly, express your frustration in a respectful way. Be clear and assertive without being aggressive.

  • Take a timeout. Give yourself a break before things get out of hand. If you feel your irritation escalating, walk away from the situation.

  • Exercise. Physical activity can help release tension and stress that leads to outbursts of anger.

  • Use ‘I’ statements. Instead of stating your feelings and opinions as facts, use ‘I’ statements to effectively get your thoughts across.

  • Don’t hold a grudge. If something or someone upset you, let it go. Ruminating about past situations never helps you to move on from them.

  • Practice relaxation skills. Find something that helps you unwind, whether that’s deep breathing, listening to music, journaling, or yoga.

  • Know when to seek professional help. As always, consult a clinician if this problem is too large to solve on your own.

Next time you feel yourself spiraling into a fit of rage, use these tips to stay calm, collected, and in control.

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